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The biggest tuning file supplier since 2003.

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  • - Our Company and Team -
    Carfiles is tuning file supplier since 2003. In our history we have been partnering with leading companies like Superchips, AllCarRacing, EVC, Alientech etc.
    Our multinational team includes English, Italian and Portuguese hardware and software engineers.

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  • - Our Offer -
    Wide range of software services (available for Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Buses, Boats, Bikes etc.):
    - Chiptuning for Diesel and Petrol engines (Stage 1 and Stage 2)
    - DSG Tuning
    - DPF / FAP / CDPF / DPNR / GPF / OPF / PPF / AdBlue / SCR / DEF removal
    - EGR removal
    - Flaps / Swirl removal
    - Immo removal
    - Lambda / O2 / NOx / Cat. removal
    - Speed limit removal
    - DTC / Error / MIL / Limp removal
    - MAF removal
    - Start/Stop system removal
    - Launch Control
    - E85 conversion (ethanol conversion) for petrol engines
    - Checksum correction etc.
    No initial fee.
    Personal file library.
    Personal payments history.
    Free SMS or Email notifications.
    Big Database with original files - free downloads.
    Best balance between Quality and Price.
  • - Our Prices -
    The pricing process is automated. Please Register yourself first or Login.
    To get the exact price please use Prices link or you have to upload your file in our system.
    (in some cases, price may be subject to further adjustments).

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